Tepper talks Panthers future; won’t comment on Rivera, Hurney


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers owner David Tepper held a long meeting with Charlotte media Monday. He discussed the future of the team including everything from the move to South Carolina, training camp, a new stadium and even where the team stands with Cam Newton. One thing would not comment on, however, is the future of general manager Marty Hurney and head coach Ron Rivera. 

After an embarrassing 29-3 loss to the Falcons Sunday, Tepper addressed media, saying he was very unhappy with the team’s performance and that mediocrity would not be acceptable long term. 

“Every time we have a loss, my mood is sh***y,” Tepper said. 

He says he’s expecting better performance and will not tolerate such performances. With Kyle Allen throwing four interceptions and getting sacked five times, questions were asked about seeing Cam on the field again next season. On that, Tepper only said his future in the Carolinas has not been determined at this time and that it would be “stupid” to make that decision now.

Tepper also commented on one question left hanging since he took the team over: Will training camp still be held at Wofford College? Tepper said it is still a possibility for training camp next summer, but we’ll likely get a solid answer in early 2020. He says if training camp is not held at Wofford it will likely be in Charlotte, but the biggest issue is needing a bubble in that heat.

He also commented on Rock Hill facilities which are set to open by 2022. Amidst this move, questions have been swirling about Bank of America Stadium remaining the place where the Panthers play. Tepper made it clear he wants to stay in Charlotte forever, but says there needs to be more support and help from the area to make it happen.

So, move the stadium, or build a new one? Tepper is in agreement that the Pipe and Foundry area is the only Uptown area that would makes sense for a new stadium.

He also said he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to play their home games at a different stadium while building a new stadium in place of Bank of America Stadium, but that none of this is a simple, unilateral decision. 

Tepper said he would contribute financially if they were to build a new stadium, but said he wouldn’t be footing the cost out of pocket on his own. 

What media wasn’t allowed to ask about: Ron Rivera and Marty Hurney. Tepper was straightforward on that front, saying there would be no conversation on the subject of either men at the top of the team.

One thing is for sure: Tepper has big plans for the Panthers and we’re all along for the ride. 

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