Panthers FB Mike Tolbert paid a car shop $3,900 entirely in coins


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert allegedly experienced something that most people have in their lifetime: a poor experience with a business. Tolbert was having the engine replaced in one of his cars, which was being done by Motion Lab Tuning.

Per Tolbert’s Instagram post, the job was supposed to take 10 days. After two and a half months, the engine still wasn’t replaced, which understandably bothered the fullback. Tolbert claimed he was treated differently by the owner for being “a millionaire.”

Motion Lab Tuning answered back with a Facebook post of its own, claiming that Tolbert paid his $3,900 tab entirely with coins.

On Wednesday, Tolbert confirmed the story to be true, and revealed that he didn’t make it easy for the business either. He used pennies, dimes, nickels – you name it.

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