For Jay M. Robinson’s Fitch, wrestling is in her blood


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Look across the mats at Jay M. Robinson High School during practice and you’ll notice something out of the ordinary: a female wrestler.

Heaven Fitch, a freshman, is far from the first girl to wrestle, but it’s hardly a sport where you’ll find a lot of young women. Wrestling is a way of life for the Fitch Family. Heaven’s father, Ryan, wrestled, as does her older brother Caedyn, who is a standout senior for the Bulldogs. 

So naturally when Heaven was old enough, she wanted to wrestle too.

“At first [my family] didn’t want me to do it because they thought I would get hurt, but I kind of nagged them for a year so they eventually accepted it,” said Heaven.

Accepted and quickly learned she was serious about the sport.

“I was actually expecting at first she would sort of have a rough time,” said Caedyn. “I know that sh dominated her whole way through middle school, but everyone always talks about how high school is a different thing, but she dealt with it really well.”

Heaven stands 4’11” weighing barely more than 100 pounds, but don’t let her stature fool you. That’s something the boys learned rather quickly. 

“Initially they are always overconfident, cause it’s like oh I have an easy match it’s a girl,” explained Heaven. “Then it kind of settles in cause they’re on their back.”

Heaven’s having a remarkable freshman season: 30 wins including the 3A South Piedmont Conference Championship, where she defeated one of the few other female wrestlers in the area, Cox Mill High School’s Caelyn Davis. The two happen to be very good friends. 

Similar to Caelyn, Heaven is showing girls can wrestle too. 

“The way that I like to state it is, she’s a wrestler, who just so happens to be a girl,” said Jay M. Robinson wrestling coach Gary Workman.

Heaven isn’t sure she wants to wrestle in college, but fow now she is focused on making the most of her high school career. 

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