York Co. woman leads deputies on high-speed chase with daughter inside vehicle


YORK, SC (FOX 46) — York County deputies said Stephanie Nicole Wilson led them on three chases Monday and Tuesday along Chester Hwy, going more than 100 miles per hour. They said she was behind the wheel of a Green Toyota stolen from a friend of the family.

“I don’t think it’s safe at all for her to be doing 100 running away from police. The only reason she’s doing it is because she has a warrant for her arrest and she knows once she’s caught she’s going down for a couple of years,” Wilson’s neighbor Olivia Edinton said.

Now, Wilson has new charges to add to the long list of warrants already issued for her by The York Police Department. Everything from stealing a car, to failure to stop for blue lights, to unlawful conduct toward a child and reckless driving for having her teenage daughter in the car during the chases.

“Yesterday, we chased her for a short period and when it got too dangerous we stopped that pursuit,” York County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Trent Farris said.

Wilson sped away to Chester County at one point and then came back and speed through a few schools on Highway 321.

“A middle school, an intermediate school, and an elementary school. That’s why we knew we needed not to risk the safety in the area and we disregarded that chase and started working our leads to find out where she was,” York County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Trent Farris said.

Deputies finally caught up with her at B&B Tire on South Congress in York, South Carolina. 

Neighbor Olivia Edinton told FOX 46 Charlotte, they’re used to seeing deputies drive up and down their road looking for Wilson.

Just recently, according to a police report, Wilson’s father told deputies she stole his pick-up truck and took $700 out of his bank account. When our news crews arrived at his home, the pickup truck was there. Wilson’s father told FOX 46 Charlotte his daughter moved back in September and has been living there on and off. He said he hasn’t seen his daughter since the beginning of February.

“Now she’s back and all she do is take money from her parents and all kinds of bad stuff and don’t care about nobody but herself she barely cares about the kids that are with her right now,” Edinton said.

Neighbors hope this arrest will put a stop to all the police activity in the area.

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