York Co. Sheriff’s Office kicks of social media campaign reminding you to lock car doors


YORK COUNTY, SC (FOX 46 WJZY) — York County deputies have responded to hundreds of car break-ins this year and they’re trying to get drivers to help them out with solving the problem.

Deputies are taking a new approach in their efforts to get drivers to remember to lockup.

They’re launching a social media campaign called “9PM Routine” that officially started Wednesday. They want social media users to share #9PMRoutine on social media to get people talking about the problem and making it routine to check that their doors are locked.

“Hopefully, the 9PM Routine hashtag will get some traction and remind some folks to lock their car doors at night,” said the department’s public information office, Trent Faris.

The department also debuted the social media campaign with a video that demonstrates an officer locking car doors, and then pushing for people to use the reminder hashtag:

From January to mid-October, deputies responded to 470 vehicle break-ins where the majority of those cars were unlocked. 

“Thieves will go up to a car door and tug on a car door handle. If it’s locked, they’ll move on. But if the door is opened and unlocked they’ll rummage around and run off with whatever they want,” Faris said. 

The department got the idea for this campaign after seeing another department in South Carolina doing it and finding it effective.

“I hope it’ll get results. It looks like it will because it has elsewhere,” Faris said.

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