WWE ref has $50k worth of Hollywood memorabilia stolen from Charlotte storage


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — World Wrestling Entertainment referee Charles Robinson is used to counting. Now, he’s counting on police to catch the crooks who stole his prized Hollywood collection.

“This is something that I was going to pass down to my daughter,” said Robinson, who lives in Charlotte. “Something for her to pass down to her kids because they’re incredible pieces to have.”

Those pieces are worth more than $50,000, he said. 

“When I buy stuff I don’t buy it as a collector,” Robinson said in a WWE video showcasing his horror memorabilia. “I buy it ’cause I like the movie and it meant something to me growing up.”

From a cemetery bust of a zombie from “Night of the Living Dead” to horror masks to vintage Evel Knieval toys, Robinson has amassed his collection over 40 years.

“I’ve always loved horror movies,” he said. “I used to do special effect makeup when I was in high school for Halloween. Just always loved what the horror genre did for me and that’s what I started collecting.”


Robinson’s monster memorabilia was recently stolen from Extra Space Storage on Ardrey Kell Road in south Charlotte. 

“I was shocked,” said Robinson. “I thought maybe I moved it and had not remembered to be honest. Then it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Someone had broken into my unit.”

Robinson believes the crooks entered his storage unit from above the door. 

“Somebody had gotten in through the top of the unit above the door,” he said. “In the ceiling there’s maybe a two-foot section with a strip of metal across it and that metal can be bent up and I assume they went inside and took the back of the lock off.”

He wants to know how that could happen and why there were no security cameras, he says, aimed at any of the storage units despite being assured there were.

“They don’t show the units themselves down the hallways,” said Robinson. “They only show the entrance to the building and the elevators.”

Management at Extra Space Storage call the theft “unusual” and “targeted.”

“The safety and security of our facilities is a top priority for Extra Space Storage,” said spokesperson McKall Morris. “We are working with local authorities in the investigation of this unusual, targeted break-in.”

FOX 46 asked if any surveillance cameras cover the storage units and if not why. McKall would not say where the cameras are located or what they captured.

“We have turned over our surveillance footage to local authorities and will continue to assist the investigation however we can,” said McKall.

FOX 46 checked police records dating back to the beginning of the year and found no other break-ins at the storage facility.

Robinson says he spoke with CMPD on Monday and was told they have “a couple leads.” Police did not respond to our requests for comment. 

One potential lead could be an ad Robinson found on eBay. He believes it showed his stolen “Jaws” statue, with a starting bid of  $750. When Robinson contacted the seller, the item was removed.

However, Robinson sent photos to police and eBay. He hopes that will put the smack down on whoever did this. 

“Hopefully, we’ll get a quick resolution to this very, very soon,” he said. 

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