Woman says daughter never got toll lane bill, charged late fees


HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Imagine having to pay a fine for tolls, never receiving the bill, then being charged late fees for not paying that bill. That’s exactly what happened to one Huntersville woman.

Jaime Frederick received this packet of fines in the mail from North Carolina QuickPass after her daughter racked up tolls passing a car accident. 

“Whenever she got off, she called me to tell me and we assumed that because it was an accident that we would never receive a bill,” Frederick said. 

Frederick was wrong. She and her daughter didn’t realize they would receive a bill for $0.69. The problem is, instead of coming to Frederick’s new address, the bill went to her old address and she never got it.

“My husband called NC QuickPass and they explained it was our responsibility to call them and change our information,” she told FOX 46. 

Frederick says she pays taxes, has up to date registration and a valid license with her new address. She says she doesn’t understand how North Carolina QuickPass expects customers to contact the company to change an address, so she took to Facebook and found out she wasn’t alone. 

“I’ve had a really huge amount of people telling me it’s happened to them and telling me how crazy it is,” Frederick said. “I really just wanted to reach out to others to let them know this is what you have to do so they don’t have to go through this process.” 

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