Woman has message for teen who carjacked her, led police on a chase


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A woman carjacked by a teen who led police on a chase has a message for him.

Siobhan Rodgers wants the 15-year-old boy to know, while the whole ordeal took only four minutes, he’s cause her a lifetime of pain. 

“Every time I close my eyes, all I could see was him coming through my window. You know, I’m sitting here earlier by myself and every little noise, jumping, terrified,” Rodgers said

Rodgers was raised to not be a victim and always be aware of her surroundings, but Thursdays carjacking at gunpoint has opened her eyes and show her, you never know how you would react to a situation until it happens to you. 

“It’s really easy to say ‘I would’ve beat him up’ or ‘I would’ve taken him down,’ well, yeah, I used to say that too and then it happened to me,” Rodgers said. 

According to CMPD, the 15-year-old started his crime spree by breaking into a car outside a business on Monroe road.

He escaped and made his way to Rodgers’ apartments, where she spotted the Teen.  Her gut feeling told her something was off.

“He walked past one of my neighbors who had just pulled up. He went into the natural area and started jumping the railing of the first floor apartments. Shaking on the doors, looking into windows and then disappeared,” Rodgers said. 

Rodgers says she quickly made her way to her car.  The teen sat on her apartment stairs and stared at her.

Rodgers said she texted her boyfriend to let him know, someone was off and was planning on leaving quick. When she looked up, the teen was pointing a gun at her.  He tried to steal her wallet but she had no cash, that’s when he decided to steal her car.

After leading police on a short chase, he crashed the car into a telephone pole on Randolph Road and was arrested. Rodgers feels somewhere along the line someone failed the teen.

“Where did the system go wrong? Because he’s been in trouble a lot in the past from what I hear. What have his parents done wrong? I want to sit down and be like where were you?” Rodgers questioned.

Questions, she may never have the answers to but what she’ll have for the rest of her life are emotional scars she says she won’t be able to get rid of.

“It’s kind of terrifying to think this could affect me the rest of my life. A 15-year-old kid inflicted this irreparable damage on me and that’s not fair,” Rodgers said. 

Rodgers tells FOX 46, she plans on pressing charges on the teen. She hopes that will finally get him off the streets and not hurt anyone else.

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