Woman accused of killing daughter on Thanksgiving appears in court, gets $300k bond


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A mother accused of killing her own daughter on Thanksgiving appeared in court for the first time.

56-year-old Elvira Alexander has been in custody since the night of that deadly shooting. On Monday, a Mecklenburg County judge gave her a $300,000 bond on the murder charge and for the first time we’re hearing more details into what unfolded Thanksgiving night. 

“This is clearly a family altercation that escalated quickly and went well beyond where it should have,” a prosecutor said in court. 

As the city of Charlotte passes 100 murders for 2019, one of the most recent to unfold involved two family members: A mother accused of pulling the trigger own her own daughter. 

“She did inform responding officers that she shot the victim,” the prosecutor said. 

After the judge read Alexander her charges in court, the state gave a timeline of what happened Thanksgiving night on Krupa Court, including the argument that police say started it all. 

“The suspect placing the victim in foster care when she was a child the argument escalated and the victim went outside,” the prosecutor said. 

The state says while the victim, 37-year-old Chante Alexander was outside, Elvira got a gun out of her suitcase in the closet. She later admitted to investigators she stole the gun one year earlier on Finchley Drive. 

“She was standing with the gun in her left hand and the victim said to the defendant ‘you shot me,’ and a witness says the defendant said, ‘sure did.’” 

Elvira told detectives that her daughter assaulted her prior to the shooting. 

“Light brown mark on her neck, no other visible signs of injury,” said the prosecutor. 

Elvira stood emotionless as the state detailed what happened the night her daughter was killed. She only spoke when the judge asked if she needed a court-appointed attorney.

Elvira is due back in court next week. If she is able to make bond she will be placed on a 24-hour house arrest. 

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