Witnesses recall Salisbury bank robbery


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — “I heard a couple of shots fired and I heard them say put the gun down, and then another one said get out the car and the next thing I know after I heard a couple of shots then I heard several more shots,” said Jim Hartline. 

Hartline was taking out the trash at Jerry’s, a tire shop and gas station on Jake Alexander Blvd., when he heard the hail of gunfire Thursday night during rush hour.

The shooting happened after he says he saw a car being chased by police slam into a woman’s car.

“There was one guy at the gas pump pumping gas and he walked over to where I was at and he was just shaking,” Hartline said. 

The terrifying moments didn’t start there. Police say 25-year-old Paul Jones III hopped the counter at the Wells Fargo bank on Jake Alexander Blvd. robbed a teller and shot a customer in the face. 

A woman who was inside of the bank Thursday night told FOX 46 how she made the decision to “play dead.”

“When he shot at me I fell like I was dead and laid there and it looked like he was coming back, just scared, after he left out, I got up to see and see him there and everybody’s just hysterical,” Ramona said. 

Jones then went outside, shot a man in the head and arm, and took his car police say Jones then lead them on a chase where he crashed into two cars. 

The police chief says Jones fired at least one shot. His officers returned fire shooting and killing Jones. 

All officers including those who fired weapons acted with the utmost bravery and valor they clearly saved other peoples’ lives. 

The customer who was shot at the bank is in the hospital in what police describe as “very critical condition.”

The carjacking victim who was shot is in stable condition according to investigators. Ramona is just so grateful she survived.

“I’m glad I’m alive too, and I’m still happy because I could have been gone just seeing that bullet go through that door and if I hadn’t acted like I was dead,” she said. 

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