Witness describes scene at E. Charlotte McDonald’s where man was shot


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A man was taken to the hospital after he was shot outside of a McDonald’s on Albemarle Rd. in east Charlotte. 

“Four shots like pop off. Pop pop pop pop,” said Mario Gray who witnessed the chaos. 

Gray described the frantic scene Friday morning where a man was shot in east charlotte.

“I was looking around like wow what in the world is going on and I kind of ducked a little bit,” Mario said. 

According to CMPD the shooting happening just after 1030 in this part of Albemarle Rd. Mario says the victim was homeless and he had just spoke to him moments before he was shot. 

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“I talked to him like two to three minutes and walked down to McDonalds and I think he was trying to get something to eat or something and after that he got shot. He was in family dollar bleeding. He was laid down, collapsed and he got like shot in the back.” 

In addition to that victim, police say a car was also shot into but no one was injured. Mario admits the shooter’s bad aim may have saved his life. 

“A bullet doesn’t have eyes and after my colleagues told me and heard the bullets going through and passed them, I’m glad they didn’t get me. They could’ve hit me,” Mario said. 

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