Who is responsible for “dangerous” tree in Plaza Midwood?


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46) — When you are driving down The Plaza in historic Plaza Midwood you are bound to see trees as old as the homes built there. Now, one tree has some neighbors concerned because a large limb has snapped.

“It’s leaning. It’s a hazard. It needs to be taken down,” said Archie Maner.

The tree in question is on the property of The Vanlandingham Estate. A large limb broke off weeks ago, but it hasn’t hit the ground yet because it’s being held up by another nearby tree.

“Yeah some kids could be playing under there. A big gust of wind could come or anything,” said Maner.

So who is responsible for making sure the tree doesn’t cause more harm?

The broken branch is hanging over a sidewalk and a portion of The Plaza. Both are city owned properties. 

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to the city arborist to get results. By Tuesday night we never heard back, but our reporter was able to track down the owner of the property.

The property owner tells FOX 46 Charlotte he believes the problem is his responsibility and he plans to take the limb down in the next few weeks.

“I have known the owner for years. I know he is very responsible and will take care of it at the appropriate time. So I am not at all concerned about it,” said neighbor, Betty Leone.

Others agree the owner may not be at fault, but instead a victim of red tape.

“The way the city is about letting people cut trees down it’s not surprising, especially around Myers Park,” said Maner.

The City of Charlotte does have a tree ordinance, meaning most trees need a permit to be taken down. The property owner in Plaza Midwood believes he will need a permit and a large crain to bring the limb down safely. 

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