Waxhaw Police hope to reunite owners with stolen jewelry


WAXHAW, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — FOX 46 is working to get results for people who had their prized possessions likely taken by a thief.

The Waxhaw Police Department recovered dozens of items of jewelry they believe was stolen during a traffic stop Tuesday.

“There’s a lot,” said Captain Bobby Haulk.  “We believe it’s stolen– but at this point, we don’t know from where.”

Watches, bracelets, pins and broaches are among the pieces that are part of this puzzle investigators are trying to pull together.

“I’m not a jewelry person– so it appears to be cheaper jewelry,” said Haulk.  “Nothing really expensive– I’d say maybe a couple hundred dollars worth or more.”

Clues in the form of pictures on bracelets are some of the only hints the department has.

“I’m guessing it’s one victim– but it could be more,” said Haulk.  “There’s a bracelet we think is our best hope for locating the owner with pictures of the family and kids.”

While several calls have come in, none of them have panned out.

“We’ve had several calls today from people who think it may have been theirs, but it doesn’t match up with anything they had taken,” Haulk said.

Some callers are describing break-ins dating back several years.

“Some of these go back as far as 2014,” said Haulk.  “So it’s not likely bad guys will ride around for four years with jewelry in their car.”

Police are hopeful they’ll be able to get these items back to their rightful owners.

You can look through the photos below. If you recognize these items or the people in the photos, contact the Waxhaw Police Department at (704) 843-0353.




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