“Warbirds over Monroe” air show preps underway


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The World War 2 Airborne Demonstration Team knows how to make an entrance at an air show by jumping out of planes.

“With the honor of remembering honoring and serving our veterans, especially our World War 2 Airborne veterans,” Retired Colonel Raymond Steeley said.

The “Warbirds over Monroe” air show is about honoring our nation’s service men and women. Organizers hope it also educates people about the bravery and sacrifices our armed forces make every day.

“Imagine what the world would be like without winning World War 2. Without our world war 2 veterans, our world would be very different and it would continue to be different as time went by and even Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Grenada, all of these are very important and our world would be very different without those veterans,” Vietnam Veteran Bo Hill said.

“It’s very obvious when you work with them or talk to them, they are the type of people that you would want to represent the United States,” Vietnam Veteran Charles Campbell said.

The team re-enacts jumps soldiers made in World War 2, jumping from a C-46 plane called “Tinker Bell”

“It’s a thrill to do this and that’s part of honoring them our World War 2 paratroopers,” Campbell said.

They do it so we don’t forget how hard soldier from the greatest generation fought for the current world we have.

“If they don’t see someone doing this, very shortly they’ll forget it. ‘Oh, they did that? They really did that? Why did they do that?’ Not only from airplanes but gliders or going across the beaches. My goodness the sacrifice is tremendous,” Hill said.

“As Douglas McArthur said ‘Duty, Honor, and County. We got the greatest county in the world thanks to our World War 2 veterans. You’ll never find a better generation. Talking about sacrifice, they defined sacrifice,” Campbell said.

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