Wanding, random backpack searches begin at CMS high schools


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Keeping dangerous weapons out of your kid’s schools is a priority for CMS, and on Tuesday, they launched a brand new security measure at two area high schools.

Teens at Garinger and Rocky River High Schools were wanded for guns and knives as they started their school day.

“They were gracious, they were thoughtful, there was no disruption, several of the kids said they knew this was coming,” 

The team did four classroom sweeps at each school, which took just eight minutes. Officers didn’t find any weapons, and they hope they never do.

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“I want our students to know that I feel school is a sanctuary; it’s a safe place for them, and it’s incredibly hard to convey that feeling when you have kids marching through metal detectors,” 

For now, CMS doesn’t believe metal detectors are the most economical option, but after the tragic deadly shooting at Butler High School in October last year, district leaders knew they had to do something.

“We want to deter weapons from being brought onto campus. We’re relying on the random nature of those screenings and frankly the fact that we’re not announcing them in advance to provide that deterrent factor,” 

While CMS isn’t going to give the students a heads up, they will notify parents when the screenings start and when they end.

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