MOUNT HOLLY, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — “Not in my back yard.” That’s the message from residents in one Mount Holly neighborhood after recent pitbull attacks.

One cat was killed, several others have been injured.

“I had to do what I had to do to save my cat,” Philip McLaughlin said, a Catawba Heights resident. 

It’s one of the last things you’d want to have to worry about happening in your neighborhood, your pet being attacked by other dogs.

“It came at me as soon as it saw me,” Wanda Smyth said. “It was growling and snarling and barking.”

“They killed her cat, then came down and attacked mine,” McLaughlin said.

Now, residents said they are fearful.

“I honestly think if the cat hadn’t run out, the dog would’ve come at me again,” Smyth said. 

“I heard a commotion, and these two big dogs, probably weighing around 80 pounds a piece, had this cat down, biting him,” McLaughlin said. “Trying to tear him apart.”

Neighbors tell FOX 46 two dogs in the neighborhood have been attacking their pets. One of the two dogs has even been aggressive with people.

“It was all within 15 feet of me,” Smyth said. “I watched him break the cat’s neck, I watched all of it. It was awful.”

“I just couldn’t let the cat die,” McLaughlin said. “I just couldn’t.”

One cat is now recovering after a $336 vet bill and some terrifying moments for one Korean War Veteran.

“I’m disabled,” McLaughlin explained. “I’m 84 and I have six artificial joints, but I got the dogs off of him.”

Neighbors are now scared to let their own pets roam and to even be outside themselves.

“If they got me down, they’d probably rip me apart,” McLaughlin said.

“I carry mace now,” Smyth said. “I bought bear spray online.”

People in the neighborhood want to put a stop to the attacks before the situation gets any worse.

“You’re causing someone to suffer and causing pain to someone else because of your neglect,” Smyth said. “And the animal suffers and the breed name suffers. I don’t blame the breed at all.”

FOX 46 Charlotte did reach out to Animal Control to find out what’s being done, and the station is still waiting to hear back.