Volunteers claim dogs left outside Chester County Animal Shelter in freezing temperatures


CHESTER COUNTY, SC (FOX 46 WJZY) — With frigid temperatures continuing this week, there is outrage in Chester County where volunteers say dogs are being left outside at a local shelter.

Temperatures have been dropping to dangerously low levels at night, so a group of volunteers showed up at the Chester County Animal Shelter Monday in hopes they could help spread hay and make sure every dog had something to keep them warm.

“You look at how the water bowls freeze up, imagine what the dogs feel like,” said Paula Love.

But as volunteers lined up, they were greeted by Chester County Sheriff’s Deputies.

“I think everyone there was shocked. We just had a stunned look on our face because we told them we were there to help the animals,” said Love.

As more deputies arrived, the group was asked to leave or be placed under arrest. The shelter was closed for the New Year holiday and volunteers were told they were trespassing. They left without ever helping a single animal.

“We weren’t allowed to go to the bottom shelter and that’s the really, really bad building that is just, I wouldn’t put cows in it,” said volunteer. Diana Holcomb. “You’ve got an army of people willing to help and peoples whose fears would be calmed if they were allowed to go in and see, yes these dogs are ok.”

FOX 46 Charlotte reach out to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office who helps run the shelter, but our call was not returned. Volunteers have started a petition and plan to present it to county council in hopes improvements can be made to the facility.

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