Virginia man fights for ownership of vanished North Carolina ‘island’


Credit: Chad Koczera photographed the new island from a drone.

(FOX NEWS) – Last year’s formation of a crescent-shaped strip of sand that jutted into the Atlantic Ocean off the point of Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina may no longer exist — but that’s not stopping a Virginia man who claims he’s the rightful owner of the sliver of land.

The National Park Service disclosed Tuesday that “Shelly Island,” which first appeared in the spring of 2017 along North Carolina’s Outer Banks, did not make it into the new year after hurricane season and winter storms redistributed the sand.

“It is not completely surprising that the sandbar existed for less than a year,” the National Park Service said. “Due to the dynamic nature of the area off Hatteras Island, sandbars appear and disappear frequently. The only surprise is just how quickly a sandbar the size of Shelly Island (approximately 27 acres at its largest size) disappeared.”

But a man who filed a deed for ownership last year said the island is still there.


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