Violent crime starting to worry those in Salisbury


On the heels of two more violent crimes Saturday night where one person was killed in Salisbury, residents in the city are starting to take notice of the violence.

“The violence around here has just gotten real bad especially lately in the last few months. It’s been a market increase,” said Salisbury resident, Kenneth Wilde.  

“I’ve picked up on that and it seems every month somebody is killed,” said Salisbury resident, Kim Smith.  

Sot – “It’s like the wild, wild west over here. Everybody just shooting and they don’t even care with the bullets go,” said another resident.  

Those from Salisbury saying they have their own suspicions on what’s contributed to the violent crimes.

“Gangs. You don’t own an environment or community. Like I said, a lot of it has to do with gangs,” said Smith

“The drug problem have gotten worse around here and I think the increase of violence is because of that,” said Wilde.  

With that violence brings concerns of safety.

“I want to move back home, I really do. I just fear for my grand babies and my sons. I have two — 17 and 26 and I love them to death and if anything every happened to them I just don’t know. My heart goes out to all these families that have lost loves ones,” said Smith. 

Others say they believe police are doing the best they can while they look forward to a Salisbury they feel safer in.

“I can’t say anything wrong about them. Their hands are tied with what they can do also but they are trying to do what they can do,” said Salisbury resident, Harold McMahan. 

This is a beautiful place to live. Rowan County is beautiful. People move here from up north because it’s beautiful. Downtown Salisbury is beautiful and we love it here,” said Wilde.  

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