Video: Shoppers wrangle deer in Ohio Kohl’s


TROY, Ohio (FOX 13) — This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She saw the deer coming and turned on her phone’s video camera.

But Beth Shaffer didn’t expect the deer running alongside a department store’s exterior wall to jump into the open doorway and down the aisles.

It happened at the Kohl’s in Troy, Ohio on December 16. Shaffer said she just left the store and gotten into her car when she spotted the deer.

She says it seemed to try to get into other nearby stores before running into the Kohl’s.

Shaffer said that’s when she turned off the camera and called 911.

Thankfully, no people or animals were reported injured.

Another shopper, Julie Helman posted a photo from inside the store after several shoppers managed to trap the deer behind two aisles before they were able to coax it out a back door.

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