VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s team and Bon Jovi do the ‘Mannequin Challenge’


Photo via @HillaryClinton

Hillary Clinton and her team were joined by Bon Jovi when they took on the Mannequin Challenge on her campaign plane Monday.

They all stood frozen in different poses then broke out in laughter at the end.

Videos of the challenge feature posing as mannequins in dramatic postures. They began to appear late last month online and by last weekend everyone from high school cheerleaders in Texas to the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks had taken part.

The Dallas Cowboys went airborne for their challenge , complete with a stoic Tony Romo being stuffed into an overhead compartment on the team plane.

The challenge has become a victory celebration for some teams. Texas Christian , Penn State and Clemson’s football teams posted mannequin challenges after big wins Saturday.

The videos are set to the song “Black Beatles” by rap duo Rae Sremmurd, which held a live version of the challenge during a concert last week. 

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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