VIDEO: Cowboys help police wrangle escaped bull in Texas


WEATHERFORD, TX — This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Video that shows a bizarre police chase involving cowboys and a tough to wrangle bovine through the streets of a North Texas town is going viral.

The Weatherford Police Department posted the video Friday of their officers chasing a bull through the town. 

“We noted on our TWITTER account @WPDTX, that people aren’t the only ones who run from the police!,” the post reads.

The video, which has been viewed 6.2 million times since Friday, was reportedly from an incident on Thursday.  The Weatherford Democrat reports that the bull escaped from a slaughterhouse and began making its way toward the town’s shopping district. 

The police dash cam showed the bull taking off as police cruisers attempted to get close. Suddenly, a cowboy rides in with lasso in hand, attempting to ride the animal down. 

At some point a second cowboy rides into view and one of the riders subdues the beast. 

“We are very grateful that no one was injured during this incident, and we were certainly reminded why Weatherford is the ‘Cutting Horse Capital of the World.'”

The Weatherford Police Department went on to thank the two cowboys for helping them in “resolving this matter.”

Since it was posted on Friday, the video has earned at least 52,000 reactions, more than 107,000 shares and has been viewed about 6.2 million times. 

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