Victims of child sex trafficking could soon have safe havens in Charlotte


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While Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police work with the federal government to combat sex trafficking, Kristi wells, CEO of Safe House Project, flew in from California to launch a new program to provide child sex trafficking victims a safe place to stay after they’re rescued. 

“We do realize that when we have a lot of people coming in, a lot of guests staying in Charlotte, that’s going to be an issue,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Deputy Chief Johnny Jennings. 

The pilot program is intended for duplication across the United States, with Charlotte leading the charge.

“Without a safe place to go, once rescued, 80 percent of these rescue kids end up back in the hands of their human traffickers,” Wells told FOX 46. 

Wells says last year there were only 15 accredited beds for child sex trafficking victims of the Carolinas.

“There were 69 that were refused services because there was no place to put them.”

Wells wants to provide at least five more, but as with anything else it comes at a price. 

“That network here in the Carolinas, this pilot model, is going to be roughly $2 million; but that covers five houses,” Wells said. 

The first five safe houses in the Carolinas will be the start to 250 new safe houses nationwide. 

This week, at a breakfast fundraiser, Safe House Project raised $60,000 toward their $2 million goal. 

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