Victim of violent carjacking outraged after attacker is given chance to get out of jail


ROCK HILL, N.C. — A Rock Hill woman who was left fighting for her life after being beaten and stabbed is now fighting for justice.

She spent two weeks in the hospital with a punctured lung and a punctured kidney after she was brutally injured during a carjacking. On Friday, she found out that one of the people who attacked her could get out on bail. 

“I am very angry they gave her bond that low. I have never seen anyone get bond that low for attempted murder. Never,” the victim told FOX 46. 

A York County woman speaking only to FOX 46 after one of the three people charged with carjacking and attempted murder was given a bond of $15,000.

“She almost killed me. She almost paralyzed and killed me,” she said. 

A judge gave 28-year-old Ashley Eddington $5,000 bond in each of her three charges including attempted murder. 

The victim says the attack happened in arch in broad daylight on Firetower Road in Rock Hill. She says she was attacked through the sunroof of her 2002 Mercedes Benz by two men and Eddington. 

She says Eddington was the one who stabbed her. The scar still visible on back emotional scars still traumatizing her.

“I have kept myself locked in the house. I go to Catawba Mental Health. I am on three different medicines. I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. I don’t feel safe anywhere I go. I don’t feel safe anywhere I go. I just never know what anyone is going to do and that’s scary and I shouldn’t feel like that.” 

The victim says she’s determined to do whatever she can to get justice for what happened to her.

“I am going to testify to the fullest. They did an act of violence on me.  I am going to make sure she pays for what she did to me. I promise that.” 

Although Eddington has yet to post bail, the victim is fearful she will soon.

“I am scared myself. I don’t know what I would do if I saw her and if she got out. I couldn’t tell you.

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