‘Vicious dog ordinance’ still under discussion in York


YORK, SC (FOX 46) — Tuesday night hundreds of people packed the York City Hall to voice their concerns about possible changes to a vicious dog ordinance. It was the first time since a dog attack back in December that any possible changes to the law had been discussed.

The mayor said Tuesday night that the city is still in the discussion stages and any vote is a long way away.

The mayor pointed out to citizens who attended the meeting that the City of York currently follows a law used by York County. That law states an animal is considered dangerous based on behavior, not by breed.

“That is the ordinance until at least we can see if there is anything better we can do,” said Mayor Edward Lee.

Any possible changes being considered come after a dog attack in December that left 71-year-old Buddy Owens seriously injured.

Mayor Lee said they are looking at how other cities word their dangerous pet laws and encouraged citizens to continue emailing their suggestions.

“We are very happy they are not doing the breed specific law, but we wish they would have heard us. The small discussion that did take place wasn’t effective,” said Sarge Douglas, an animal advocate.

What citizens do agreed on is no matter what the law, they  want dog owners to be held responsible.

“I hope they [City of York] enforce the ordinances they have intact,” said resident, Katherine Stewart.

Mayor Lee said if there are any changes to the current dangerous animal ordinance in the future, it would clearly be stated on the council agenda and there would be a public comment period.

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