Vials containing blood found near park in southwest Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Vials of blood and other medication were found in a Charlotte park where children play. The man who found them reached out to FOX 46 Charlotte to get results and get the mess cleaned up.

It’s not what Corey Scott thought he would see as he walked through Revolution Park in southwest Charlotte park – glass vials filled with blood.

“I live in this neighborhood and I bring my niece to that park and I just don’t want her to be exposed to anything that could be a danger to her health or any other child for that matter,” Scott explained.  “It could be a matter of life or death for someone.”

The vials were filled with blood on the sidewalk and spilled on the street – close to where kids play.

“As we were walking we pass the vials…I see the vials but it didn’t really dawn on me that the vials had blood in them,” Scott said.

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to the City’s Parks and Rec Department to get results and get the dangerous mess cleaned up. A city worker came out and cleaned up the vials Tuesday afternoon.

Scott hopes this is a reminder to people to keep the city clean.

“Hopefully we can all take the time to pick up each other’s mess and help clean up. We got to keep this City clean for the future,” he said. 

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