Vandals take aim at Fort Mill Scarecrow Crawl


FORT MILL, S.C. — The Fort Mill Scarecrow Crawl is bringing crowds of all ages to Main Street where businesses, families and church groups have poured their creativity into making the most likeable scarecrow. 

“I saw an orthodontist, The Wild Things and that’s one of my favorite books so I find it really cool and fun,” said Dylan Culbreth, who was out enjoying the crawl with his family.
 Community members gather at the crawl each year to see their neighbors’ handiwork and creativity.

“We kind of took a shine to the one from the beauty parlor down over there. She was just adorable with her little umbrella and all pink and purple,” said Barbara Trulvy
But in a Facebook post, Fort Mill police say there’s been an increase in people stealing and vandalizing the scarecrows.
“I mean it makes me kind of sad because they are really cute and people worked really hard on them,” neighbor Sophia Garrison said.

Now, police are asking everyone to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity.

“Fort Mill’s just not a town where you expect vandalism and a lot of problems like that so it is kind of sad,” said Tulvy.

“It’s probably a bunch of punk high schoolers. I’m allowed to say that because I’m a high school teacher. Or maybe it’s the competition because there’s a voting process,” said Andy Ferguson.
It may seem like a victimless crime however even the smallest pair of eyes can see that it’s wrong.
“It’s a public thing and it’s really good for the community to come together and be creative and for people are vandalizing them it’s just like why? Because it’s such a nice thing that the community is doing,” said Culbreth. 
The crawl ends on October 31. If you want to vote for your favorite scarecrow, just head over to the Town of Fort Mill Facebook page.

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