Union County woman falls victim to Craigslist check scam


UNION COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A Union County woman said she was the unwitting victim in a check scam, and she’s warning others to look out for it.

Lindsey Livingston said she had responded to a job posting on Cragslist, and received a response from a woman claiming to be with a company supporting a non-profit.

“She told me I would be like, buying clothes and buying basketballs for kids in need,” Livingston said.

She said she received a check for $3,255.70 earlier this month from the woman for her to start work, buying the supplies—something that she put into her bank account so she could get to work.

Livingston said red flags stated to show—the woman would only communicate by text message or e-mail, claiming to be out of the country, and the specific requirements and duties of the job weren’t laid out.

Ultimately, she didn’t realize a scam until she had spent some of the money on the items for the non-profit and was told by her bank that the check was a fake.

“I kind of felt down on myself for being so naïve,” she said.

The Better Business Bureau says this is a variation on a classic check scam.  One of the main types of this check scam is an “employer” sending a check to an employee to buy supplies.

“I had insufficient funds and they had taken the check back because it was fraud.”

It’s important to note here that Livingston is not out of thousands of dollars. In fact, if anyone is, it’s the bank.  Livingston did tell FOX 46 she did get a second check, but after the first one was cashed, her new employers cut off contact with her.

“This could’ve been a person impersonating somebody, using someone else’s name,” she said.

Her final message to those supposed new employers was something we couldn’t repeat, but she says lesson learned and she wants to make sure others don’t fall for the same scam and to meet up in person with whoever you plan on working with.

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