Union County teen accused of injuring 13-year-old in random stabbing released


WAXHAW, N.C. — A Waxhaw community is on edge after the suspect accused of randomly stabbing a 13-year-old jogger was released from jail.

Police say Rider Gage Walther is accused of stabbing a 13-year-old jogger in the Weddington Chase neighborhood.

For three weeks neighbors were terrified, not knowing who stabbed the boy while he was jogging along a quiet trail. Finally, 17-year-old Walther, who lives nearby, was taken into custody. But by Thursday he was already out of jail

“I am definitely afraid for my kids,” said Ritu Dewan, who lives in the neighborhood. 

Dewan says she’s been worried about her nine-year-old and sixteen-year-old children ever since the September 12 attack. Police said the 13-year-old was stabbed in the back before he was able to get away and run for help. 

“They were so petrified because it’s just across the street that my son was sitting with a baseball bat until we got home,” Dewan said. 

Walther was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill on Wednesday, Oct. 2. A judge gave him a $50,000 bond. He didn’t even spend a whole day in jail, and now he’s back on the streets. 

“The fact that he got away…unbelievable. We are all in shock as a community,” Dewan said. 

We knocked on the suspect’s door Thursday afternoon, but no one answered.

“We were all concerned naturally it’s a very tight-knit community, we’re all parents here, so we all have the same feelings that anyone else would have,” another neighbor told FOX 46.

Deputies also charged Walther with graffiti in the neighborhood and at Marvin Ridge High School. Ritu doesn’t think the legal system is making the 17-year-old answer to much. 

“It seems like this was not the first time because we found out he was responsible for the graffiti,” she said. 

Ritu says as long as Walther is out of jail, she’ll continue to worry about kids in the area.

“Halloween is coming in a couple weeks. I don’t know if I’m going to let my son go trick treating,” she said. 

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