Union Co. teacher puts students on path to success for ‘end of grade exams’


UNION COUNTY, NC (FOX 46) — FOX 46 Charlotte continues to honor teachers getting results. This time it’s a middle school teacher in Union County who puts students on a path to success for their end of grade exams.

Mrs. Ashley Rossman’s classroom at Monroe Middle School hums with chatter – all about math.

She is getting results, not just teaching her sixth graders about number sense and geometry.

“She’s like, the best teacher,” Jamaraya Bailey said, one of her students. 

“Getting these kids to believe in themselves is my number one priority. It’s to believe that you can do better than what you have done or you can be better than the person you are today,” Mrs. Rossman said.

None of her students have passed their end of grade exams before. Last year was an experiment, a very successful one. About 40 percent of her students passed their Math EOG.

“It worked last year. I got great results and so at the end of the school year I went to the principal and I said, ‘Mr. Ray can I have the same type of students again next year?’ People think that’s crazy but that’s the kind of kids that I can relate to. That’s the kind of kids I was meant to teach,” she explained.

As long as the students buy in – Mrs. Rossman said it’s just working with them one-on-one until it clicks.

“She always makes sure we’re not frustrated and she always makes sure we know what to do,” Bailey said.

And once it does – the sky is the limits!

“Looking back, it’s like, wow. How did I not understand how easy it was? I am just really confident that we’ll pass. I actually think all of us will pass,” Joseph Lewis said, a 12-year-old student in her class. 

She’s a teacher getting results by instilling confidence that will last well past their EOG’s.

“It’s just…this is my calling in life,” she said.

This year Mrs. Rossman is hoping for 50 percent of her students to pass the EOG. She is also the Math Department Chair for sixth grade so she keeps pretty busy. But she is making time for us and will be in studio Thursday morning on Good Day Charlotte!

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