Uneven pavement on I-77 prompts warning


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Drivers on I-77 are encouraged to use extreme caution in the construction zones, as uneven pavement could create dangerous situations.

Due to toll work, portions of the highway along the I-77 toll project can be hazardous because the road isn’t evenly paved. 

“If you’re driving in the center of your lane and you hit it, you’re on a two to three-inch drop-off where the asphalt is that far uneven,” Bert Gowens told FOX 46. 

Gowens drives into work on I-77 daily from Mooresville. He says he nearly saw those uneven roads cause a horrific accident Wednesday morning. 

“I saw a tractor trailer that went all the way over in the right lane,” Gowens said.

The semi hit the edge and when it hit the edge he went halfway into the right lane and luckily there was no one beside him, but if there was someone beside him, his car would’ve been totaled.

He adds that today is just a reminder until the roads are repaved that drivers need to use extra caution while driving on I-77. 

“You have to be a defensive driver driving through there and not because of distracted drivers it’s because you can hit a bump somewhere along the way and it will throw your vehicle almost out of the lane.” 

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