Uncertainty is leading immigrants to search for help


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — “So there is fear among the undocumented population, whether this will actually happen, when will it happen, it’s a lot of uncertainty.”

Uncertainty is leading immigrants to search for help from the City of Charlotte.

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to an immigration lawyer about questions we had about the system and if the City could actually do anything to protect these immigrants. Managing Partner at Garfinkel Immigration law Steven Garfinkel took us on and we asked if these protesters are going about this the right way.

“Folks are appealing to the City Council to be heard. To let the City know their concerns about what’s going to happen and just getting the word out,” Garfinkel said.

“But the City can’t do anything about it?” FOX 46 Charlotte’s Yolian Ortiz asked.

“There’s not a whole lot the City can do. The Trump Administration has threatened sanctuary cities. Those cities that turn their back on immigration and don’t enforce the laws at all and so forth, but no, for the most part there’s not much the city can do on immigration law,” Garfinkel responded.

The City can create ordinances, but in the end, state and federal government trumps all.

Garfinkel says people should turn their attention to members of congress instead.

“Anyone who has an interest in immigration policy or immigration law should reach out to their congress people, let their views be known,” Garfinkel said. 

Garfinkel admits the immigration discussion has been muddled and part of the confusion is that being undocumented does not mean someone is a criminal.

“There’s not a criminal violation for someone who comes in undocumented, It’s a civil violation but yes those folks are undocumented. The majority of those folks who are here are working, supporting their family supporting for a long time,”

Now to hear a different tune from President Trump is music to Garfinkel’s ears. He’s hoping the President’s merit based program and change in heart will fix the broken system he deals with every day.

“Hopefully we can all come together and we can see some constructive dialogue and legislation that will make the system better for everyone,” Garfinkel said.

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