UNC-Charlotte dorms designated for possible COVID-19 response


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Six dorms at UNC-Charlotte have now been designated to be used, if they’re needed, in response to the coronavirus crisis.

UNCC’s campus is pretty empty right now. Students had to move out of their dorms two weeks ago, but not everyone got their belongings.

Students living in South Village on campus have to get all of their belongings out. Six dorms, Levine, Holshouser, Hunt, Scott, Laurel, and Sanford, have now been designated for use by the state of North Carolina and Mecklenburg County, if the dorms are needed, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Students already moved out of all of the residence halls two weeks ago and classes are being held online. But some of the students were not able to get all of their belongings out of the dorms.

Only the South Village residents are now allowed back on campus to get their items out, but according to a memo from the chancellor, the move-out of belongings will be scheduled for South Village residents, and it’s not allowed at this time for residents of dorms on other parts of the campus.

Students in Hunt, Laurel and Levine have until Sunday to get their items out. The other South Village residence halls will notify residents to schedule checkouts by next Tuesday.

If students are unable to get their items, a moving company will pack, move, and store them at no cost to residents, according to an email FOX 46 obtained, which was sent to students.

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