Two teens robbed at gunpoint at Southpark Mall, suspects arrested


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Teenagers were robbed at gun point at Southpark Mall. The suspects have been arrested, but many people in the area say they are still on edge.

“I don’t believe it. Not here. Not in Southpark,” said Kookie Schmidt, who lives near the mall. She didn’t want to believe it. 

Schmidt says her neighborhood feels like a safe place to be. 

“I live only a few minutes away, so I’m kind of worried now because my neighborhood is down there.”

She was shocked to learn that the two men now behind bars had robbed two teenage boys at gunpoint outside of Southpark Mall. They got away with cash and a book bag. It happened just before 8:00 p.m. 

“That scares me,” Scmidt said. 

It was a scary situation that didn’t stop in Southpark. The two men also hit the Domino’s off Sharon Amity Road in east Charlotte. 

They rushed the two teens working the night shift, grabbed one by the throat, and demanded the money in the safe, according to store employees. The teens didn’t know the combination, so the two men left empty-handed.

“I never thought of anything like this happening. Never,” said Schmidt.

Later the same night, the two tried to rob a Burger King off South Blvd. in South End. The manager told FOX 46 that the men walked up to the drive thru window wearing masks and carrying a gun. The employees locked down the store, according to the manager.

All three crimes happened early September. Now, James Alexander and Dedric McManus are behind bars.

“I feel good about the police. At least they were able to get them,” said Schmidt.

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