Two signs, two speeds: Drivers confused by multiple speed limit signs near school


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CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Have you seen the sign? On a quiet residential street in Southwest Charlotte there are speed limit signs for a school zone that are just two feet apart, but read different speeds.

“I drive up and down Scaleybark Road and I have never noticed the differences in the speed limit,” said Cole Smith.

As you drive up to Collinswood Language Academy on Scaleybark Road there is one school speed limit sign that says 25 mph, another just two feet in front of that says 35 mph.

The actual sign posting the normal speed limit for the area says 30 mph.

Neighbors tell FOX 46 Charlotte the new signs were posted about a month ago, leading to confusion for drivers.

“It’s messed up because there are cops always pulling people over down this road all the time. So if you got pulled over what are you going to tell the cop,” said Kathleen Young.

Neighbors say the mislabeled speed limit isn’t the only confusing problem, they also don’t understand why two signs are placed just two feet apart.

“Very confusing. There should only be one there,” said Young.

Neighbors have called 311 and talked with police officer patrolling the area, but the signs have stayed the same.

Apparently, it could be an easy fix. We found a sign which clearly had a sticker placed over it to read the correct speed.

FOX 46 Charlotte reached out to CDOT Wednesday afternoon to get results and even attached a picture to the e-mail showing the problem. We never heard back before news time.

Neighbors hope the added attention to the signs will force the city to make the necessary changes.

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