Two ‘Felony Lane Gang’ members arrested in Matthews


Alisha Mowery (left) Dusty Wheaton (right) 

MATTHEWS, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Two women who are allegedly a part of the ‘Felony Lane Gang’ have been arrested on fraud related charges in Matthews, police said. 

Around 2:47 p.m. Wednesday, April 18 a representative from the State Employee Credit Union located at 1825 Matthews Township Pkwy called 911 and stated that two women had just attempted to fraudulently cash a check, as well as ask about the account balance through the bank drive thru. 

After being refused service, the women fled the scene in a Chevy Tahoe at a high rate of speed. Officers were able to pull the two women over a short time later. 

The two women, identified as Dusty Wheaton, 34, and Alisha Mowery, 33, were taken into custody and are believed to be working with the ‘Felony Lane Gang,’ police said. 


Wheaton was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, attempted obtaining money/property by false pretense. Mowery was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and financial card theft. 

The ‘Felony Lane Gang’ is a group of individuals based out of Florida that commit car break-ins to gather financial and identity information for later use to commit fraud, Matthews police said. 

The gang usually operates in groups of six to nine individuals and have been reported active in 34 states over at least the past five years while accumulating several million dollars.

The vehicles that are targeted for break-ins are typically driven by a woman, located most often, but not limited to the parking lots of: public parks, youth sporting facilitates, fitness and / or day care centers.

They prefer a “mom” driven vehicle in hopes that the moms will be more prone to leave their purse or wallet inside the vehicle as they park it while they are busy with their kids. Vehicles that are parked on the outskirts of parking lots are also more preferable to these individuals so they can attempt to avoid as much video surveillance, other people, and lighting as possible.

Detectives are attempting to identify additional suspects in this ongoing investigation. Anyone with further information is asked to call Det. Stacy Cooper at (704) 847-5555. 

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