‘Trying 2 impeach Jesus too!’: Kannapolis church makes waves again with sign


KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — A Kannapolis church is creating talk around the town with their latest message on their sign. 

Pastor Tim Jones at Resurrection Baptist Church reached out to FOX 46 Wednesday after putting the message “Trying 2 impeach Jesus too! Won’t happen either!” 

“It’s not to push the envelope, it’s just to give truth.”

Jones says his message isn’t comparing Donald trump to Jesus rather, it’s time to get Christ back into society. 

“The sign is not comparing the two. The sign is saying you’re trying to get rid of a president that was dually elected by the people. You’re trying to get rid of Christ in everything in society so I do kind of think that they go hand in hand.”
But the self-proclaimed Trump supporter and conservative preacher has posted political messages before. In 2016 he put another controversial message up outside of the church, saying “We are voting and not for Hillary!” He said based on past experience, he was prepared to hear from the community about his latest opinion. 


The pastor told FOX 46 that he will be heading to Capitol Hill in the coming days to show his support for President Donald Trump as days of impeachment hearings continue. 

While churches aren’t allowed to endorse or oppose political candidates, Pastor Jones said he’s willing to do anything if he believes it’s what’s best for the country.   

“It’s almost like Washington right now, it’s almost a divide. I’ve had conservative Christians who say way to go Pastor way to stand and then there’s the opposite side of that where people say how can you support the devil.”

He agrees the sign is ruffling feathers and anticipated the calls and messages that are already pouring in. 

But he says he’d rather be judged for standing firm on his beliefs.

“It is sad what’s going on in Washington at the moment because I feel like Donald Trump has done more for the Christian than any of his other predecessors.” 

When he heads to Washington D.C., Jones said he hopes President Trump gives him a hat and that others see him as an example of standing up for what you believe in.

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