Trump, Hillary signs stolen from yards


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — Campaign signs are disappearing from yards in one Charlotte neighborhood.

“We should have the freedom to put what we want in our front yard,” Marian Scott said. 

She said all of her Trump signs disappeared in one night. When she put up new ones, things got worse.

“The mailbox was taken out with a baseball bat. It was the only mailbox on this street that was destroyed and we’re the only house on this street that has trump signs,” Scott said. 

But she’s not alone. There have been several reports of people taking political signs out of folk’s yards. And it’s happening to people on both sides of the political aisle.

“I noticed one day that my Hillary Clinton sign was gone,” Mike Bernath said. 

Both he and Scott live in the same Stonehaven community in southeast Charlotte.

Several of their neighbors also had their Trump and Clinton signs stolen in the middle of the night.

“It bothers me. We wanted to support Hillary and I like having the sign out there so people can know who I’m supporting. I’m disappointed it’s been taken,” Bernath said.

According to police, taking a sign out of someone’s yard is considered misdemeanor larceny.

Even if it’s on public property, CMPD says it’s illegal to steal them. And that’s something these two can agree on.

“Breaking someone’s property and stealing out of other people’s yards is just wrong just because they believe something different than you do,” Scott said. 

“A better way to handle that would be to put up a sign for someone you do support instead of taking down a sign for someone you don’t support,” Bernath said. 


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