Truck driver’s wife on phone with husband when he crashes on I-85


When Jackson Musyoka plunged off an embankment on Interstate 85 Thursday afternoon, the truck driver was on the phone with his wife.

“He was saying help me, please hurry, I’m dying, I’m dying, and I was like Oh my God, he is about to go,” Musyoka’s wife, Tyshell, said.

Tyshell Musyoka spoke to Fox 46 Charlotte by phone from the couple’s home in Texas Friday describing her husband’s wreck and what she heard on the other end of the line. She says she and her husband were talking, laughing, and then there was just silence.

“All of a sudden it went quiet, and then I started hearing some tumbling, a lot of tumbling and loud noises, and it got quiet again and then all of a sudden, I heard him screaming for help. He was saying help me, help me, I’m over here, I’m over here,” Tyshell said.

Tyshell says other drivers must have hopped out of their cars trying to help her husband. They couldn’t find him at first, but through his screams, they were finally able to get to him.

“They were telling him to be calm and the medics are on their way,” Tyshell said.

Tyshell says she could even hear when the firefighters brought their equipment in to rescue her husband.

“It was a very steep hill that we were working off of, we had ropes going down the hill that you had to hold onto going up and down the hill. It was hard to stand. We were also working in a confined space inside the cab,” Alex Hardee, a Belmont firefighter, said.

Emergency crews had to cut the bottom of the truck to get Jackson out and use tow trucks to keep the vehicle from sliding down the hill.

“He was lucky, and we were able to safely get him out,” Hardee said.

Police are still trying to figure out what happened. No other vehicles were involved in the crash. Authorities say for some reason, and they don’t know why yet, the truck driver swerved, then swerved again and crashed.

Jackson’s leg was amputated, and his wife says he has injuries to his eye.

“Once they got him out, the phone hung up, his phone went dead,” Tyshell said.

His wife witnessing the amazing, four-hour rescue on the phone, more than a thousand miles away, perhaps finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing her husband is alive.



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