Tree crashes through west Charlotte home during heavy rain


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After weeks of dry weather, parts of the Queen City are waterlogged this Monday.

In West Charlotte, a tree crashed through a house, narrowly missing a young man inside.

“The whole ceiling is open, all you can see is branches,” said Rodney Mitchell.

A huge tree took out power lines and crushed the roof on his family’s duplex. It happened around eight o’clock Monday morning off Columbus Circle. Rodney Mitchell says he and his dogs were inside.

“I heard a big explosion. I don’t know if it was from the power or lightening hit the tree. After i heard that, the tree and fell on my house. Then a piece of the ceiling hit me in the face,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell says he and his pets got out safely, but according to the landlord, he’ll have to find another place to stay.

“It’s pretty bad. It’s un rentable and unsafe according to the fire department so they’ll have to move out this side and no one can move into the other side,” said David Jenkins.

The landlord says he reached out to the Red Cross to find a temporary place for his tenants to live until this mess is cleaned up and the building is safe again.

“Duke Power is here. They need to cut the power before we can even enter the house. We are trying to get them relocated to another property,” said Jenkins.

Duke Energy crews had their own problems with the storm. Their truck got stuck in the mud during the downpour.
Mitchell says he’s just grateful things weren’t as bad as they could have been.

“I’m just thankful to be here. If the tree would have fallen all the way through, i feel like i would have gotten crushed because it was right above where i was sleeping,” said Mitchell.

The family said they had a Red Cross case manager, but hadn’t heard from them all day. Fox 46 Charlotte took action to get results for the family, contacting the Red Cross to try and speed up the process.

The Red Cross told Fox 46 Charlotte they would have someone reach out to the family immediately.


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