Thousands remember 9/11 at annual Union County event


MONROE, NC (WJZY) — The anniversary of the worst attack on America was remembered in North Carolina. It has now been 15 years since the attack, but the images from that day are still fresh on the minds on many in our area.

“I was homeroom at Metrolina Christian Academy in the 6th grade. We were in homeroom. We did have TVs so they interrupted our morning announcements and showed us the live footage of the second plane hitting the tower,” said Ricky Surratt.

15 years later and the streets of Union County are filled with red, white and blue in remembrance.

Karen Eason waved her American flag with pride, something she hopes her kids can do, for years to come.

“I have 5 children and this is a day that does not need to be forgotten. It needs to be remembered. So many people innocently lost their lives,” said Eason.

Those who lost their lives include the hundreds of first responders who were on display on Main Street in front of a fire truck. The truck responded to ground zero. The men onboard the truck that day, never returned.

Although Washington, New York and Pennsylvania are easily hundreds of miles away from our area. People in Union County say the attacks still hit very close to home.

“There are people who we see here everyday that have moved from New York or know people. There is some way this town still has some sort of connection to that time,” said Surratt.

And if you don’t know someone directly impacted, you’re bound to know a first responder who puts their lives on the line everyday.

“I have such great pride for our first responders. I was a first responder a few years ago. It means so much,” said Holly Surratt.

With the nice weather Sunday, thousands attended the annual Patriot Day event.

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