This dog telling its owners he’s a ‘good boy’ is beyond adorable


(FOX 46) — The dog. Man’s best friend. With a simple look they have the ability to melt our hearts and bask in their sheer adorableness.

It is this “cute” ability that more often than not saves them after certain unwanted behavior. Dog owners, you know what we’re taking about: an “accident” on the carpet, tearing up the couch, chewing the ends of the new kitchen chairs that were really expensive and you couldn’t wait to show to your friends, but now their ruined and not covered by the warranty…


Okay, we might have gotten a little too personal there. But it’s true. Their ability to be cute is astounding. Look no further than this video of a “Buddha the Boxer” telling his owners that he’s a good boy (we’re melting) in Cornelius, NC! 

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In the video, Buddha (with big eyes and a slight under bite that is perhaps the sweetest thing we’ve seen all day) actually nods when his owner asks, “are you a good boy?”

As if that wasn’t cute enough, the he actually reaffirms his “good boy” status not once, but twice.

He’s good, good enough to get a treat! 

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