Third Ward parking lot floods after storm drain backs up


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Water was heading the wrong way as a storm drain along West Hill St. in the Third Ward flooded the parking lot of an office building

Helpless employees looked on as water gushed out of the storm drain and into the lot, quickly submerging their cars.

“It was probably anywhere from two to three feet at one point,” said Aaron Dodge, an employee in the building.

Dodge went wading through the floodwaters to move his car before it went under.

“I had to make a quick decision so I popped off my running shoes and headed down to my car,” Dodge said.

He was able to move his car, but his help didn’t stop there. Dodge also moved a small sports car from the front of the lot.

“It was completely filled. The only thing above the water was the actual seat. I couldn’t see the foot pedal or the break pedal,” he said.

The car now needs a good cleaning. Once water receded, storm drains were checked by crews.

Those along west hill street were clear of debris, so Stormwater officials believe Monday’s flooding had another cause.

“We had two inches total of rain but the rate of which it was falling was four to six inches.”

Overwhelming the city storm water system, dirt and debris still scatters the parking lot at Cedar Hill. Employees hope that the flood was an isolated incident.

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