CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Most of us have seen therapy dogs, but what about therapy bunnies?

A new nonprofit is getting results by hopping in to places around town to spread smiles and ‘hop’iness to some of those in our community who need it most. 

“Everyone who comes wants to hold them and it spoils the rabbits and us as well,” said Alma Garrett. 

Residents at Carillon Assisted Living have come to know these rabbits well.

“The first thing I do is ask to see Charlie. This is Charlie. He’s so sweet and he licks my hand like a kitty cat,” Garrett said. 

The bunnies visit the home once a week, brought in by the organization ‘Bunny Blessings.’

“We’ve been doing this a couple of months now; visiting assisted livings, nursing homes, schools and a lot more visits lined up in the future,” said Brittnay Bryson, president of Bunny Blessings. 

The organization’s goal is to bring some joy to the people who appreciate it most.

“We do appreciate them bringing these bunnies every week and I think the people seem to enjoy them very much, I know I do,” said Garrett. 

“I love it because it’s thrilling to have them talk to them and rub them and everything,” Ruth Vanier said. 

It all originally started with one bunny, Oscar, six years ago.

“Over time we’ve watched family and friends visit and they love to watch him and pet him,” said Bryson. 

Because sometimes, everyone needs a furry friend who is all ears!

“We wanted to go out into the community and take the bunnies. They bring joy to people, they love to pet them they’re soft they’re not threatening. Pet therapy lowers people’s blood pressure and stress rates and the bunnies melt and the people melt,” Bryson told FOX 46. 

And on the days where family members may not be able to stop in for a visit, these residents are reminded that some ‘bunny’ is still here for them.
“My favorite part is seeing everybody smile when we come in they see the bunnies and they say bring them over here. I want to pet them and they just light up and it brightens our day we say we will bring a blessing to them, but it’s a blessing to us too,” said Bryson.