Tennessee woman gives birth to baby who was frozen as embryo for 24 years


Baby Emma Wren was born in November after being frozen in an embryo for 24 years. (Benjamin and Tina Gibson)

(FOX NEWS) — A Tennessee woman gave birth to a baby who had been frozen as an embryo for more than 24 years — the longest known frozen human embryo to come to birth.

The National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) announced Tuesday that Emma Wren was born on Nov. 25 to Tina Gibson, who is 26.

This means Gibson carried an embryo that was conceived about 18 months after she herself was born, a press release stated. 

Baby Emma was cryopreserved in 1992 and placed in Tina’s uterus through “frozen embryo transfer” earlier this year.  

“Emma is such a sweet miracle,” Benjamin Gibson, Tina’s husband, said. “I think she looks pretty perfect to have been frozen all those years ago.”


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