Teen says CMPD Explorer’s Toy Drive changed his life


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46) — FOX 46 Charlotte needs your help in getting results for the CMPD Explorer’s Christmas toy drive. Your kindness and generosity can not only help brighten a child’s Christmas this year – but possibly help change a young person’s life, like Trenae. 

“It’s crazy to think that I went from a box to a person that they came, that they brought, what was sitting right here to my house,” he said. 

At 7-years-old, Trenae said his life changed forever. His family was struggling and he thought that Christmas might not happen but CMPD officers showed up at his doorstep with a box full of presents, a new bike and food for the table. 

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“It was so surprising. I just remember being in disbelief and I just remember my mom crying and I was like ‘mom why are you crying?’ We’re happy,” he explained. 

Trenae was so inspired by that moment he joined the CMPD Explorers program and went on to stuff the very boxes that were meant for him that special day. 

Now at 17, Trenae is a young man with a very bright future poised to go either to West Point or Annapolis. 

“It’s awesome to see that a young man develops from a teenager to the young man he is today.”

CMPD Officer Ryan Botzenmayer oversees the Explorer’s program. He said he’s so proud to see how far Trenae’s come and it means a lot to him and the other officers to see what impact a little kindness and generosity can do. 

“This program, it affects so many people in so many different ways. And the need that’s out there in the community, and just delivering a few gifts to somebody, how it can change somebody’s life in the future, so it does mean a lot.”

Trenae said he owes much of his hard work and dedication to his mom.

“Gotta stay strong for her, we’re each other’s rock,” he said.

 Trenae said he also owes a lot to the people who cared to donate – not even knowing who he was. 

“This box right here changed my life. It’s humbling.” 

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