Teachers Getting Results: How Jennifer Reed inspires students to work hard


CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — FOX 46 Charlotte continues to recognize and honor hard working teachers getting results in the classroom.

This week’s educator made such an impact that her student, Coleman Montgomery, messaged us at FOX 46 to nominate her.

Mrs. Jennifer Reed’s students say she’s an inspiration and is also hard-working, loving and caring.

She’s been an educator for about 16 years now, and has been a teacher at North Gaston High School for about 12 years.

Our surprise moved her to tears.

“You work really hard at something and you want other people to enjoy it as much as you do,” said Reed.  “And for someone to come see how hard the kids work on a daily basis is a great thing.”

Whether it’s teaching math class or overseeing her yearbook class, Mrs. Reed makes her students feel like family.

“Anything I need help with, she’s always there,” said Student Coleman Montgomery.  “And I can go to her if I have any problems, and that’s why I wanted her to be recognized.”

“That’s really special,” said Reed.  “Which is why I got emotional because knowing my students care enough to say, ‘hey, I enjoy being in this class,’ that means a lot.”

If there’s a teacher you’d like to nominate, contact FOX 46 or Lindsay Clein directly.

You can email the newsroom at newstips46@foxtv.com or email Lindsay at lindsay.clein@foxtv.com

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