Suspect in Facebook live murder in custody; family shocked


WINGATE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A man turned himself in to police after being identified as the suspect in a murder that was captured on Facebook Live. The suspect’s family was shocked when they heard the news. 

“I was watching the news and to my ultimate surprise I saw my cousin Douglas Colson and I was totally surprised and I felt like this is not the man that I knew,” said Frederick Colson.

65-year-old Douglas Colson is suspected of shooting and killing Prentis Robinson while he was making a live video. 

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Fredrick, a close cousin of Douglas, grew up with him, and although Douglas lived about ten minutes from Wingate, he was always checking in on his sister.

“Every single day. seven days a week, because he was so regarded to her because of her age, she was an elderly lady and he came and gave her all the support that she needs.” 

Colson turned himself into the Union County Sheriff’s Office without incident Tuesday morning. 

Wingate Police Chief Donnie Gay says he’s still not sure of the relationship between Colson and Robinson. A motive a has not yet been determined, but the Sheriff’s Office believes Robinson was outing drug activity.

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“I understand he was trying to stake in cleaning up the neighborhood, however, from a law enforcement standpoint, I don’t know if he went about it that right way,” Chief Gay said.

With Colson behind bars, his cousin says the time is now to do what’s right.

“Seek forgiveness ask the lord to forgive you and tell the family to forgive you for it and be enough to face what you’re about to face,” Frederick said. 

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