Suspect accused in brutal murder, dismemberment of Rowan County teen released from jail


ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Family, friends and community members were angry after finding out that a suspect accused in the brutal murder of a Rowan County teen was released from jail. 

When Madison Harrington was released last week, it came as a surprise to the family of Michael Earley and that’s why they went out protesting Thursday. The group is now demanding ‘Justice for Michael’. 

“There’s not a second in the day that I think Michael’s gone. I’ll never hear him say ‘momma’ again,” said Jessica Earley, Michael’s mother. 

She was joined by her fiance for this interview. They were due to get married over the summer but wound up having to use that money to pay for her son’s funeral. She feels like the family can’t catch a break.

“I’m just outraged by this and I wanted everyone to come let rowan county know this isn’t right,” Earley said. 


Three people are facing charges in his death. Earley has been there for all the hearings. She says she’s seen the lack of remorse and told us what the three have admitted to in court.

Authorities tell FOX 46 that Michael Earley was killed, dismembered and his remains found in the back yard of one of the suspects after what was described as a ‘drug transaction’.

So when news of suspect Harrington’s release on a $1.5 million bond came, it shook Michael’s mother to her core. 

“She confessed, cut him up, buried him, then probably told the police what she did. She shouldn’t be out on bond for that,” she said.

Earley believes Harrington was the mastermind behind her son’s murder.

“He didn’t deserve this,” she said. 

She doesn’t believe anyone should be walking around freely what they are accused of doing to her son.

“They say it could be a year before the trial starts, so she’s out and my son’s gone.” 

Harrington may be out on bond, but the other suspects involved remain in jail. 

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