Surveillance video shows wanted man fleeing from police before arrest


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Surveillance video shows the moment a suspect darted from a hotel room as police moved in to arrest him.

Police swarmed the Rodeway Inn Thursday afternoon, and just seconds later, a wanted man, Tyrone Singleton, runs out of a room and jumps over the fence off Brookshire Blvd. 

Singleton ran a couple of blocks over to Rozzelles Ferry Rd. and hops up on a roof to get away from police. 

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“He was extremely agitated at the time, and officers were trying to convince him just to come down and that it would be ok for him to come down,” Major Gerald Smith with CMPD said.

It took some negotiation. At one point, investigators say Singleton tossed his cell phone down to a police officer who spoke with Singleton’s sister.

“It appears that he wanted to plead his case at the time. He wanted to talk about what happened, his point of view, and we listened to that, but we also let him know that this is not the place to do that,” Major Smith said.

Dennis Corrick watched SWAT surround the hotel room before Singleton ran. While some officers chased him, others stayed behind as a woman came out of Singleton’s hotel room. Police didn’t tell us how or if she’s connected to the case…

Just before Singleton came down from the roof using a ladder brought by the fire department, police say he talked with his sister on the phone.

“It looks like everybody was on the same page of just wanting him to calm down and come off the roof.”

Police say they were never sure until the very end, but it turns out Singleton did not have a gun

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